Portrait of Djun Kim

Chief Executive Officer

Djun started his first business (IT consulting, though it wasn't called that at the time) at the age of 17. After a few years, he decided to go back to University to learn a little more about what he was teaching clients. That turned into a B.Sc. (Comp Sci / Maths Honours), and then a Masters and Ph.D. in Mathematics (UBC / UC Berkeley), though he kept getting distracted by building computer networks and software systems along the way.

Skill Set

Software architecture, Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Software development, Mathematics, Technical writing (English).

Fun Fact

Djun played (keyboards) in a high school band with Colin James. He reports that he had no idea what he was doing, but it was fun.

For Fun

Djun and his wife compete nationally and internationally in Ballroom Dance (International Style Standard). He likes learning/making music (piano, mostly classical; guitars, mostly rock); cooking, reading; making / fixing things; growing herbs and vegetables.

Other team members

Portrait of Gabrielle Carson

Gabrielle Carson

Chief Operating Officer

Portrait of Bryce Gilhome

Bryce Gilhome

Chief Technology Officer

Portrait of Roberto Gorjão

Roberto Gorjão

Senior Software Developer